“I have less desire to play” – Real Madrid star, Vinicius Junior opens up

“I have less desire to play” - Real Madrid star, Vinicius Junior opens up

Brazilian winger Vinicius Junior candidly spoke about the racial abuse he has endured while playing in Spain, revealing that the incidents have taken a toll on his desire to continue playing football. The Real Madrid forward, known for his electrifying pace and skill on the pitch, has been subjected to racial insults from opposition fans on numerous occasions, with one particularly egregious incident occurring in Valencia in May, which sparked widespread condemnation.

Vinicius’ emotional revelation comes ahead of a highly anticipated match between Spain and Brazil at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on Tuesday, under the banner of “One Skin” to raise awareness and combat racism in football.

“I’ve been seeing this (racism) for a long time, and every time I feel sadder, and every time I have less desire to play,” Vinicius said during the press conference, tears welling in his eyes as he addressed the issue head-on.

The 23-year-old forward, visibly shaken by the memories of past abuse, made it clear that he would not succumb to the pressure to leave Spain in search of respite from the discrimination he has faced. “I would be giving the racists what they want,” he asserted. “I will stay at the best club in the world, scoring as many goals as I can so they keep watching me.”

Despite the emotional toll of the racial abuse he has endured, Vinicius remains steadfast in his commitment to stay and fight against racism in football. “Playing football is very important, but the fight against racism is hugely important,” he emphasized, highlighting the broader societal implications of the issue.

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In response to Vinicius’ heartfelt statements, his Real Madrid teammate Dani Carvajal echoed similar sentiments, asserting that while Spain is not inherently racist, there are individuals within society who harbor racist attitudes. Carvajal condemned racist insults as the “ugliest” aspect of sport, expressing dismay at the behavior of fans who use football matches as a platform for their hateful rhetoric.

“It’s a sad reality that happens even during matches where I am not present,” Vinicius lamented, reflecting on the pervasive nature of racism in football. Despite his resilience in the face of adversity, the player expressed his hope for a future where people of color can lead normal lives without fear of discrimination.

The incidents of racial abuse directed at Vinicius have not gone unnoticed by his club or the broader football community. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti previously acknowledged that Vinicius has become “unfortunately used to” racism in Spain, underscoring the urgency of addressing the issue at its root.

As Spain prepares to face Brazil in their upcoming match, Carvajal acknowledged the challenge of containing a player of Vinicius’ caliber on the field. “Against a player of that quality, it’s hard to have a clear plan because in the end, he is capable of overwhelming anyone,” he admitted.

While the fight against racism in football remains ongoing, Vinicius’ courage in speaking out against discrimination serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of solidarity and collective action in combating injustice on and off the pitch. As the football community rallies behind him, the hope for a future free from racial prejudice continues to drive the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable sport for all.

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